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How does Health Mate works?


Our filtration system works in four stages:

Stage 1: Large Particle Pre-Filter System (Filters off Dust, Hair, Pet Dander and Cobwebs

Stage 2: Medium Particle Pre-Filter System ( Filters off Paper Dusts, Mold Spores and Pollen )

Stage 3: Activated Carbon & Zeolite System - 7 to 15lbs ( Filters off Chemicals, Gases and Odors )

Stage 4: True Medical Grade Hepa System - 30 to 60sq ft ( Filters off Dust Mites, Most Bacteria and Viruses )


  • Specifications: length × width × height = 36cm × 36cm × 58cm
  • Weight: 20.4 kg
  • Activated charges rock weight: 6.8 kg
  • HEPA filter area: 5.8 ㎡
  • Rated air flow: 680m3 / h
  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Power: 135W
  • Construction: standard steel structure, easy to rotate the small casters, high temperature baked powder surface
  • Motor: permanent separation of capacitive motor, to provide lasting power, high-speed, long-life, electrical and mechanical shock-absorbing-type base, the Canadian CSA & USA UL certification support.
  • Fans: centrifugal fans, 3 stall speed adjustment
  • Volume Level: 66 db high-speed, medium speed 55 dB, low-speed lower than 50 dB

The diagram demonstrates how air circulates through the Austin Air Cleaner during the filtration process.

Shown is the Austin HealthMate Series with the super-quiet permanent split capacitor motor. Air enters 360 degrees from the surrounding room. Behind the steel outer grill lies the fibrous PERMAFILTTM pre-filter, which traps large airborne particles.

The air then passes into the primary filter element. It first passes through packed carbon/zeolite, removing gases and odors. Then 60 square feet of pleated true medical HEPA medium removes sub-micron particulates including dust mites, dust, pollens, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens - the contaminants most injurious to health.

Pure clean air is finally expelled by the centrifugal fan in one direction from the louvered top deck. This uni-directional air flow from the unit avoids contaminant-laden floor areas, and allows the air flow to be directed at will.

Our True Medical Grade Hepa Filter - Carbon Zeolite is the state of the art technology:

It removes 99.97% air-borne pollutants at 0.3 microns and down to 0.1 microns at 95% efficiency.
It eliminates over 3000 toxic gases and odors.
It eliminates most bacteria and viruses.

Our product has been...

This product has been tested and used by the US Military Biological Chemical Command. It has been chosen by the US Government and Red Cross for cleanup operation after the 911 incident. Highly recommended by doctors and allergists around the world and consistenly ranked No.1 over 10 years in any number of consumer and commercial tests in USA.


Therefore, use it with confident. Call us today for product presentation and consultation.

Contact KT Yeo at 03-9056 5960 / 03-9056 7357 or email: austinairma@gmail.com


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