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Better health leads to higher staff productivity in your workplace

Rapid development has taken a heavy toll on our environment. Clean and fresh air are soon becoming a scarce commodity especially in city centers.

Studies by EPA has proven that indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. Most of us spend over 80% of our time indoors whether at home or at work. Majority of office buildings are poorly ventilated, often relying on air-conditioning which do not effectively filter away tiniest airborne particles like dust, tobacco smoke, viruses, toxic gases which are causes of common allergies such as asthma, sinus, fatigue, chemical sensitivities and etc.

Austin Air Systems, Ltd. is reputed as a foremost manufacturer of professional Air Purifiers in USA. They have been acclaimed as " The Maker Of The World's Best Air Cleaners ".

Our air purifiers have consistently been ranted #1 over the 10 years in numerous consumer and commercial tests in the USA. The epitome of its success was in 2001 when Health Mate was selected by the US Government and the Red Cross for the deployment of the largest cleanup operation in the history of New York after 911 incident.

Since our appointment as the Sole Distributor for Malaysia in 2005, we have the privilege to include Gleneagles Intan, Pantai Medical Centre, HUKM and MNC companies dealing in Bio-Tech and Petroleum based products, as our corporate clients

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A product endorsed by Prof Dr. M Yadav - PhD in Immunology, Pantai Bangsar, Selangor, Malaysia.

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